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Tourist attraction around the town

Tourist attraction around the town
Gifu Prefecture is a prefecture where traces of historic Japanese culture have strongly remained, and among them is the magnificent town of Hida Takayama.
Our guest house is surrounded by many famous tourist attractions.

Please feel free to drop by our guest house during your visit to Takayama.


The Town Village still stands on the east side of the Miyagawa River flowing through Takayama, and in the middle of it is Sanmachi, where Edo period houses remain. The rich atmosphere of Takayama castle town still lingers, and you can see sake breweries and merchants’ houses with latticed bay windows standing in a row. This district was designated an area of important traditional buildings by the Japanese Government.
The area around Kamisanno-machi Takayama Gifu

Takayama morning market

Takayama Miyagawa morning market
Takayama morning market is one of the biggest morning markets in Japan. It takes place at two locations: One is held in front of the Takayama Jinya, and the other at the Miyagawa River side. At the Miyagawa market, sixty shops and stalls are open in approximately 350 meters from Kaji bashi Bridge to Yayoi bashi Bridge along the Miyagawa River in the center of the town. The stalls on river side sell vegetables, fruits, pickles and spices while shops on the other side sell Japanese sweets and crafts.
Some shops sell Japanese souvenirs such as chopsticks and small items in addition to Takayama local souvenirs including sarubobo dolls and Ichii Itto-bori wooden carvings.
1-5 Hachiken-machi Takayama Gifu

The Jinya- mae market

Jinya - morning market
The Jinya-mae market started more than 300 years ago. The origin of the market started with silk raising farmers who sold leaves of mulberry trees and even today only farmers are allowed to open stalls. Many stalls sell fresh green vegetables, dried foods, and homemade pickles, and they are happy to tell you how to eat and to preserve their foods. Unusual ingredients including stems of potato, carrot leaves and wild vegetables can be found.
Both markets are open until almost noon; however we recommend you arrive about 6:00 am when the markets start if you stay in Takayama. You will see energetic local people set up the stalls wearing traditional work clothes and Japanese cooking aprons with sleeves.
1-5 Hachiken-machi Takayama Gifu

Hida Archaeoology Museum

Hida Archaeoology Museum
This was the residence of the physician to the daimyo, employed by the Kanamori family, the lords of Takayama castle. In this samurai residence-styled building from the civil war period (around the 16th century), you can see features such as a suspended ceiling, a concealed entrance and a hidden tunnel that leads to a well. Historical and archaeological artefacts from the Hida area are displayed in the storehouse.
1-590 Kamiokamoto-machi Takayama Gifu

Hida Kokubunji

Hida Kokubun temple
There is a huge ginko tree over 1200 years old and a ‘Triple Pagoda’ in the precincts, as well as Bell Tower Gates, said to have been moved from Takayama Castle and the cornerstone of the pagoda built over 1200 years ago. The main temple building is the oldest structure in the city, constructed in the Muromachi era (about 500 years ago). It has a style worthy of its reputation as Hida’s greatest ancient temple.
1-83 Souwa-machi Takayama Gifu

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